Latte progress

I'm a few rows past the neck opening - I used fhdc to create the back part of the neckline, again because it's stretchier than chain stitches. I didn't count, but folded the front in half, marked a neckline (stitch marker at each end), checked it on my neck, made it a few stitches wider, then hdc like normal until I got to the first marker.

I learned from attaching the sleeves with hdc that if you just hdc into an existing round, only half of the fhdc will be connected, the other part flaps around a bit. So I hooked through the bottom of the last fhdc before going into the second marked stitch to reattach - extra loops on the hook, but I don't think it's very noticeable - if anyone is looking that closely we'll be having a different conversation anyway.
The top half of the sleeves are slightly longer than I'd intended, hitting the elbow instead of above, but it will be fine. Just means the bells will be a row or two shorter.
I'll definitely be finishing the neckline, but not until the end. I'd rather have a modest funnel neck than a boat neck.
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