All the Sleeve Drama!

 I finished my Caron Latte Cakes bell-sleeve sweater! The upper sleeves ended just below my elbows, but there was still plenty of room for dramatic sleeves! I increased with DC, Ch 2, DC instead of the original DC, Ch 1, DC, simply to make it easier to see the V-stitch as I worked on my sweater. The sweater is warm and cozy and even though the bells sometimes get in the way of doing something, they make me happy. I found that I need to fold them back at the elbow to get my coat on - the coat sleeves were not prepared for this much drama!

I used approximately 3 cakes, though for simplicity sake I used at least part of 4 cakes. The lower torso was one full cake, the upper sleeves/yoke was over 1/2 a cake, each bell was about 1/2 a cake, and the neck (which is shown folded over in the upper photo) was made from part of the leftover of one of the bell cakes. I've been pondering cowls and other projects to use up the leftover bits - I'll probably combine it with another yarn for added interest and a contrasting texture.