Instant Gratification, Maximum Floof!

I recently picked up some skeins of Lion Brand Go For Faux, because they were on clearance, and they're ridiculously soft. I started making a bandana cowl with Blue Bengal, but the two skeins were from different dye lots, so they not only had slightly different core colors, the fur was a bit different in color and texture. So I carefully frogged the project and crocheted a hat, using a basic top-down recipe. There's no point in doing any complex stitchwork with this yarn, as the floof obscures most of the stitches.

I used a size N hook, as recommended on the ball band, and ended up with a fairly stretchy fabric. I can wear it as a slouchy hat, or roll/fold the brim up for a different look. I played a bit with denting in the crown and folding it, but it's nearly impossible to see the shaping in photos (so much floof!) I did a faux phrygian cap look, which could be flopped over to one side for more of a beret style.

Anyway, it's a really quick project, and great to toss on before heading out in the cold. I didn't notice it shedding as I worked with the yarn, which is nice. We'll see how it holds up with use.

This was a nice palate cleanser project. I've started a few longer crochet projects, and have been working some on a rigid heddle scarf (which I'll write about soon. If you want to see some progress shots, you can visit my Instagram), but wanted to play with this yarn instead.

You can see the cowl neck of my Blueberry Parfait poncho - I've been looking forward to the cooler weather so I can wear more of my handmade items.