A Time for Contemplation

Shortly after I made my last post, my laptop ceased to function. While I have a smartphone, I was frustrated about the whole computer situation, and frustrated about a number of other things, so I have left this blog dormant. However, because I have an awesome family, I received a new laptop for Christmas, and aside from getting distracted by the Steam (browser) and Google Play (mobile) games sales, I have been thinking about how I want to develop this blog in the coming year.

Today I picked up a book from the library - one that was on hold from another library in the system. Indiana has an awesome service called Evergreen, that allows users to search the collections of all the public libraries in the state, and most are available to be checked out and sent to the library of the user's choice. They are then checked out just like any book in that library's physical collection. It's been nearly a year since I moved back to this little town in Indiana, and I'm still thrilled when I think about how this has improved the public library experience. They also have OverDrive, which is great for eBooks and Audio Books, both of which I use as well - audio books are excellent for crochet, or other quiet crafts, because you don't have to watch anything, as you would for a Netflix or other TV/movie binge, which tends to distract me from actually stitching on my projects, unless I'm watching an old favorite - Lord of the Rings extended edition cast commentary is still one of my favorite craft marathon indulgences - I love the camaraderie among the main cast members.

I'm planning to do some book reviews, using the books available in the library. So they won't necessarily be the newest publications, but really, with the amount of books out there, have you really kept up with everything? I know I haven't.

I've been working seasonal jobs this year, which has gotten me through the monthly bills, but not helped much with the larger goals - such as getting the student loan & car paid off, or retrieving my things from the storage unit in PA. So I'm continuing to look for a full time position.

I have taken advantage of some of the seasonal sales at my LYS, giving me the opportunity to snatch up some truly luscious yarns - I'm planning to write up some yarn reviews as well, on here and on Ravelry. I'm truly thankful for the community that Melissa has built at Serendipity Fibers - whenever I'm able to make the weekly social, it's so welcoming, and often hilarious, because we have a very silly group. Depending on what employment I find, I'd like to teach some more crafty classes - it's just difficult to plan when I don't know what my schedule is going to be.

Dad and I have a pretty good routine caring for Mom, who has Alzheimer's. Have I mentioned that before? I don't want to dwell on it, but that was a pretty major reason for me moving back to Indiana. It's challenging, but I believe this is the best place for me to be right now.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Are you making plans for any new projects in the next few months?